Reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of your business is not all about financials. The review must also consist of a comprehensive assessment into the operations of your business.

Our Assessment Process:

  • Gain understanding of the entire business, operations, company strategies, and processes
  • Identify, understand, prioritize, and address the risks that would create the most value by their mitigation
  • Understand the value and strength of your company as if an outside 3rd party due diligence is taking place
  • Identify company specific risk – a significant variable and discounting trigger to outside 3rd parties
  • The process is both qualitative and quantitative
  • Identify ways to reduce the risks and improve performance development
  • Unsystematic risks, once identified, are controllable and manageable to minimize and eliminate

The Deliverable:

A Quality Profile

  • Measures company’s development against standards
  • Identifies level of development and effective functioning

A Risk Profile

  • Provides insight about current state of development
  • Determines status as seen by prospective buyers, lenders, or investors
  • Risk scores may include factors that reflect risk without reflecting quality

A Road-Map to Maximize Value

  • Provides a prioritized and staged plan
  • Implements improvement initiatives
  • Maximizes value over a period of time