Business Valuation AccreditationRichard Claywell was recently a panelist for the Financial Poise webinar: Selecting the Right Valuation Expert for a Corporate Transaction. Richard provided valuable tips to business professionals and deal lawyers about how to identify and attain the right valuation expert for their situation.

If you’re looking for a business valuation expert in Houston, TX or beyond, take note of these 23 questions to ask a business valuation specialist to determine their level of experience when hiring someone to assist in your corporate transactions.


  • What designations or credentials do you have?
  • Do you have the Accredited Senior Appraiser from the American Society of Appraisers? (10,000 hours of work hours must be proved)
  • Do you have the Accredited in Business Valuation from the AICPA?
  • Do you have the Certified Business Appraisers from the IBA?
  • Do you have the Certified Valuation Analyst from the NACVA?
  • Do you have the Accredited in Business Appraisal Review from the IBA?


  • What percentage of time do you spend doing business valuations?
  • Is business valuation a major part of your practice area?
  • Do you specialize in doing business valuations?
  • How many years have you been doing business valuations?
  • How many business valuation reports have you been responsible for completing?
  • What are the types of valuations performed, and the industries you have performed business valuations for?
  • What are your other areas of experience?


  • Do you teach any courses on business valuation?
  • What courses have you prepared and instructed?
  • Where and when were the presentations made?
  • What are the topics that were taught?


  • Have you published any articles or books on business valuation?
  • Ask for a list of the articles published.
  • Ask for a list of books published.
  • Can I see a copy of a sample report?

Continuing Education

  • How many hours of continuing education do you receive each year in business valuation? (This should be a large area of concentration)
  • If you are a credentialed business valuation professional, please provide a copy of your annual reporting of Continuing Professional Education.

Since 1985 J. Richard Claywell has built a reputation for integrity and for providing key solutions for clients in the legal and business communities in Houston, TX and beyond.