Unlocking the True Value: Navigating Complex Business Valuations

As a seasoned business valuation expert, I understand the intricate art and science of determining a company’s worth.  However, there are instances where aligning with a client’s attorney’s approach isn’t straightforward.  Let’s delve into the reasons why I might be unable to meet a client’s business valuation request in the precise way their attorney desires while keeping independence, business valuation approaches, Revenue Ruling 59-60, professional standards, and objectives in mind.

Independent Matters

Maintaining independence is paramount in the business valuation process.  The attorney’s close involvement in dictating the business valuation might compromise the impartiality needed for a credible assessment.  Business valuations require an unbiased perspective to ensure the most accurate representation of a company’s value.

Business Valuation Approaches

The three primary approaches to valuing a business—Market, Income, and Asset—demand rigorous analysis. An attorney’s preferred approach might not necessarily reflect the most comprehensive assessment.  Selecting the right approach requires expertise that respects the nuances of the company’s industry and financial landscape.

Revenue Ruling 59-60

This landmark ruling lays out guidelines for valuing closely held businesses.  While the attorney’s focus is on settling a case, it’s crucial to remember that this ruling mandates a business valuation that reflects the fair market value, not a predetermined outcome.  Balancing the attorney’s objectives with the guidelines of the ruling can be challenging.

Professional Standards

As a business valuation expert, I adhere to stringent professional standards to maintain the integrity of my work.  Aligning exclusively with an attorney’s instructions might inadvertently compromise these standards.  A holistic assessment is essential to ensure the final business valuation holds up to scrutiny.

Attorney’s Objective

The attorney’s primary goal is to settle a legal case favorably.  However, my responsibility lies in providing an objective, accurate business valuation.  While both objectives intersect, they can’t be conflated, as the pursuit of a favorable legal outcome shouldn’t influence the true market value of the business.

Business Valuation Objective

Determining the fair market value is the essence of a business valuation.  This value provides a benchmark for transactions, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, shareholder disputes, Estate and Gift Tax purposes, selling or buying a business, debt financing, divorce proceedings, litigation and dispute resolution, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP’s), intellectual property valuation, regulatory compliance and more.  My focus is on delivering an unbiased assessment that reflects the true worth of the business in the market context.


Are you seeking a meticulous business valuation that stands up to scrutiny and provides a true reflection of your company’s value?  Let’s discuss how I can leverage my expertise to meet your unique needs while upholding professional standards.

Navigating the intricacies of business valuation requires a delicate balance of legal objectives and market realities.  If you’re looking for a business valuation expert who understands these dynamics and can provide an unbiased assessment, let’s connect to explore how I can assist you in achieving your goals while maintaining the integrity of the valuation process.

I have earned a Master’s Degree in Business Valuations and apply those skills to my everyday business valuations.

Richard Claywell has been valuing closely held companies since 1985.  He has earned two of the highest designations in the business valuation field , the Certified Business Appraiser (“CBA”) and Accredited Senior Appraiser (“ASA”),  Richard is a Certified Public Accountant, has a Master’s in Business Valuation (MBV)  and holds the ASA, CBA, ABV, ICVS, CVA, MAFF, CFD, ABAR, CVGA, ICVS-A credentials.

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