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J. Richard Claywell, CPA

Since 1985 J. Richard Claywell has built a reputation for integrity and for providing key solutions for clients in the legal and business communities in Houston, Texas and beyond.

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Businesses J. Richard Claywell has valued

Business valuation related services to assist business owners

Other business services include: Buy-Sell Agreements, Family Limited Partnerships, Goodwill – Business versus Personal, Intellectual Property and Merger & Acquisitions Disputes.

Litigation Support / Forensic Accounting Services

Other litigation and forensic accounting seervices include: Business Interruption, Divorce – Personal or Business and Wrongful Termination.

Our Podcast

Litigation Speaks

Litigation Speaks is designed to assist attorneys in identifying when the experts work product is not based on reliable principles and methods. We can provide you with information that will allow you to make better informed settlement offers and or trial strategies. Every month we will make available to you real world examples of the misapplication of principals and methods of business valuations, economic damages and or forensic accounting.

What our clients say about us


“Thanks for the hard work you performed on a very difficult case. There were many obstacles that you had to overcome to dig down to the truth, but your persistence revealed the real cause of the damages. At trial, you managed to keep it simple, which I truly believe is what saved the day.”

— Paul J. Goldenberg, Attorney

“Mr. Claywell’s demeanor was one of a scholarly and careful professional able to explain a complicated subject and reams of data to ordinary people in an understandable fashion. Mr. Claywell’s testimony was the best I heard in at least ten years.”

— John H. Bennett Jr., Attorney

“He is very organized and thorough in his approach which makes working with his firm a pleasure…We are pleased to report that our estate return was accepted without question by the Internal Revenue Services.”

— Johnna McNeal, CPA

“In the field of business valuation, Richard was able to provide my client with straightforward explanations of the methodologies and practices that, based upon sufficient relevant data, lead to opinions that can assist a jury in rendering a verdict.

I found Richard to be meticulous and thorough in his preparation. He handled himself well providing testimony in deposition as well as in open court, even in the face of a team of opposing attorneys.”

— Donald L. Turbyfill, Attorney

“I have had the opportunity to work with Richard Claywell regarding business valuations for two separate businesses, and have consulted with him on others. In working with Mr. Claywell, I found him to be exceptionally professional and honest in the performance of his work. His credentials are beyond anyone else with whom I have worked or to whom I have been referred in the past.

Further, he is an excellent communicator in that he is able to patiently educate those of us who are not exceptionally versed in his profession and is able to show us how to teach our clients and the fact finder (whether that be judge or jury) what he/they need to know to be able to make decisions in our cases.”

— Robin L. Sowell, Attorney

“Mr. Claywell and his staff are the best I have ever seen in the ‘all things considered’ department…The Claywell Engagement painstakingly sought ‘all considerations’ in the fieldwork phase…This gave my client great confidence that the valuation could be relied upon for its intended purpose.”

— Ronald M. Sledge, CPA, CFP

“Your ability to quickly grasp the ownership flow of the many embedded entities within the estate helped to save valuable time in the preparation of so many reports. I sincerely appreciate the extra ‘after hours’ effort that you and your staff put in to see that all 11 of the business valuations reports were ready in time for us to meet our filing deadline.”

— Tudor G. Uhlhorn, Independent Executor

“The IRS estate tax agent was extremely complimentary of the appraisal report that you produced in this Estate. He further indicated that….your report was the best he had seen.”

— Brent R. Caldwell, Attorney

“The Estate’s attorney is a professor with the University of Colorado and he says yours [appraisal report] is the most thorough and best appraisal he has ever seen.”

— Robert Purnell, CPA

“A part of this estate consisted of ownership in eighteen western songs…Mr. Claywell did his homework…Based upon the information as a result of his investigation a figure was derived as to the value of the songs. This report and its contents were made part of our tax return and to date the report is full accepted by the Internal Revenue…His work is very professional.”

— George D. Martin, Attorney

“A recent filing of an estate tax return…was accepted without change in which you had done an appraisal report involving a family limited partnership…I personally felt that the IRS in reviewing the appraisal report came to the conclusion that your report had been thoroughly and objectively presented and the number properly determined. Case Closed.”

— Eugene Hovey, CPA

“Your commitment to excellence and dedication to the Engineering CPE provided valuable industry insight to our program.”

— Howard A. Lewis, IRS Engineering

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