Articles Published (Partial List)

Eliminating Outliers in Financial Data Without Cherry-Picking” BVR, June 2021

“Debt Versus Equity and Shareholder’s Loan Issues” BVR, April 2016

“Do not project historical data forward when your valuation date is a ‘stub year'” BVR, June 1, 2011

“What and When to Discount in Estate and Gift Tax Valuations,” The Texas Law Reporter, March 1996, and numerous other articles, 2002-2004

“The Family Limited Partnership: A Tax-Savings Strategy,” Business Today, October 1995

“Determining the Quality of Earnings,” Business Today, August 1995

“Planning a Successful Succession,” Business Today, June 1995

“Ground Rules Unique for Deprivation Appraisals,” Business Today, March 1995

“Viewpoint on Value,” Business Today, January 1995

“Quantifying Financial Risk in Capitalization Rates,” The Valuation Examiner, 2nd Quarter 1994

In the News


J. Richard Claywell has been an ongoing panelist for Financial Poise, and has conducted several webinars that cover various financial, valuation and economic loss topics. These PowerPoint presentations can be accessed below.