Uncovering Hidden Assets in Divorce: The Shocking Truth

Introduction Attention attorneys, are you tired of missing hidden assets in divorce cases?  As a seasoned forensic accountant, I’ve seen it all – from clandestine bank accounts to creative schemes that would make even the most cunning of con artists blush.  Let me take you on a journey through the murky waters of hidden assets,…  Continue Reading »

Till Debt Do Us Part

Working within The Art of Divorce Negotiation, it’s evident that divorce negotiations can often feel like a theatrical performance.  But remember, behind the laughter and absurdity, there’s a serious task at hand – finding resolutions that allow both parties to move forward with their lives. Laughter Divorcing couples often need a forensic examination to assist…  Continue Reading »

Why don’t my profit numbers make sense?

In the world of corporate finance, maintaining trust and integrity is paramount.  Accurate financial reporting is not just a matter of compliance; it’s the foundation upon which investors, stakeholders, and the entire business community rely.  Yet, there are instances where financial data is manipulated to deceive, leading to grave consequences for companies and their stakeholders.…  Continue Reading »

Why do Lawyers Need Forensic Accountants in Court?

Optimize Your Fraud Detection Forensic accounting is a specialized accounting field where professionals investigate financial records to detect and analyze issues related to financial fraud, embezzlement, allegations of bribery, and other irregularities. This discipline encompasses not just the ability to record and report financial data but also the legal and investigative skills to uncover fraud,…  Continue Reading »

Unveiling The Shadows of Hidden Assets in Forensic Engagements

Financial Deception: Unveiling the Shadows of Hidden Assets in Divorce Forensic Accounting is a specialized field of accounting that focuses on investigating financial discrepancies and fraudulent activities.  A forensic accountant is a professional who applies accounting principles, theories, and disciplines to ascertain the accuracy and legality of financial statements and to investigate allegations of fraud…  Continue Reading »

How a Site Visit Can Enhance Business Valuation Precision

I am often times ask why I need to do an onsite visit of a company.  In the multifaceted process of business valuation, a site visit stands as one of the most pivotal components. A site visit implies a meticulous walkthrough of the business premises, offering the valuator an in-depth perspective and comprehension of the…  Continue Reading »

Attorney Expectations vs. Reality

Unlocking the True Value: Navigating Complex Business Valuations As a seasoned business valuation expert, I understand the intricate art and science of determining a company’s worth.  However, there are instances where aligning with a client’s attorney’s approach isn’t straightforward.  Let’s delve into the reasons why I might be unable to meet a client’s business valuation…  Continue Reading »

Splitting the Baby

When determining damages in commercial cases, especially in the context of business valuations or financial disputes, the selection of an appropriate discount rate is crucial. A discount rate is used to convert future monetary amounts into present value, reflecting the time value of money and risks associated with the investment. In the finance and legal…  Continue Reading »

Why is a Business Valuation so Expensive?

The cost of a business valuation can vary depending on several factors, and while it may not always be extremely expensive, there are several reasons why it can be a significant investment. Here are some factors that contribute to the cost of a business valuation: Complexity of the Business The more complex the business structure,…  Continue Reading »

Supplier Power: Understanding the Power of Suppliers

Introduction: In the captivating realm of business valuation, one rule reigns supreme: Revenue Ruling 59-60.  In every business valuation, following the guidelines set by Revenue Ruling 59-60 is essential. This ruling emphasizes the importance of considering the economic outlook and the specific industry conditions. To gain a deeper understanding of industry dynamics, renowned expert Dr.…  Continue Reading »

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