A rebuttal report is a review of an expert’s report and analysis to make a determination if it follows the applicable standards and applies the correct theory and calculations to come up with the result.

An attorney needs to have a report that is credible. But usually an attorney will not have a trained eye that will allow them to detect misapplication of theory in a valuation report.

Richard Claywell holds the Accreditation in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR), the valuation profession’s first credential certifying competence in the review of business appraisal reports. He particularly enjoys this process and teaches a class at the University of Houston Clear Lake, Business Valuation Theory & Application. One aspect he shares with students is the obligation a valuation firm supervisor has of supervising employees’ work and not allowing shortcuts. He teaches students how to review and critique valuation reports and opine about the quality of the reports.

Richard has been doing this for over 30 years, and has valued over 1,000 businesses.

He can serve as a rebuttal expert witness in the Houston, TX area or prepare others to testify. He can also draft testimony outlines for review and list possible cross-examination questions and responses.

Sample Reports