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Is The Balance Sheet The Most Important Financial Statement?

Introduction Welcome to today’s episode of Do You Really Understand How to Read a Balance Sheet, where I explore the critical role of financial statements in business valuation.  I’m J. Richard Claywell, your host with over three decades of experience in business valuation and forensic accounting.  Today, we’re focusing on a crucial but often misunderstood…  Continue Reading »

Recent Webinars Available On Demand

Richard Claywell was a panelist on two recent Financial Poise webinars and both are now available On Demand. The first was Where Did All My Profits Go? Mastering the Concept of Working Capital.  Part of the Financial Poise MBA in a Day Series, this webinar helps clarify what parts of the balance sheet make up working…  Continue Reading »

Upcoming Webinar: EBITDA and Other Scary Words

Thursday, March 15 at 3:00pm CST J. Richard Claywell, CPA, is a panelist for this upcoming webinar, which explores the ins and outs of financial language and how you can navigate the seeming labyrinth of a language that can sound foreign and in some ways counterintuitive. This webinar is part of the series: MBA IN A DAY…  Continue Reading »

Using the Proper Industry Classification Codes

Last week I finished reviewing a business valuation experts report for a litigation case. The appraiser used a NAICS code that, on the surface, appeared to have a valid description of the company. In fact, I instructed one of my employees to start the RMA Benchmarking analysis based on the NAICS code received from the…  Continue Reading »

Consider Carefully the Weighted Average Approach in Projecting Future Earnings

The weighted average method of estimating the expected future earnings is based on the average or arithmetic mean. The weighted average of historical economic earnings is most appropriately used for calculating future earnings/cash flow when there appears to be a general pattern that may be extrapolated into the future. The pattern may be positive or…  Continue Reading »

Advice When Using the Weighted Average Approach to Project Future Earnings

The Weighted Average Method of Estimating Expected Future Earnings is Based on the Average or Arithmetic Mean. Here’s Why that’s Important: Companies that are growing in revenue need to be valued regularly, and they need to be valued with their future growth in mind The weighted average approach is a valuable tool but Richard Claywell…  Continue Reading »

Why Using a Mentor is Key to Building the Value of Your Firm’s Work

Good Mentors Not Only Catch Errors, but Speed Professional Development, Provide Perspective, and Help Build Your Company Brand The mentoring process is invaluable, explains Baria Jaroudi. That’s not simply because it provides a proofread and detail check, or even because it strengthens professional development and solicits team expertise and new perspectives. Perhaps most importantly, strong…  Continue Reading »

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